Product Recall

Berkley Global Product Recall Management is the industry expert with a deep understanding and extensive category knowledge. We’re uniquely qualified to deliver worldwide protection and technical assistance to help your clients prevent, manage, and recover from loss before, during, and after product recall and contamination events. We have the cutting-edge products, pre-emptive risk mitigation services, and 24/7 crisis support your clients need.

Please find us at the following box location:

3rd Gallery – Box 190C Specialty Casualty


Lee Niblett

Senior Underwriter, Global Product Recall

Brendan Carberry

Manager, Specialty Casualty

Sarah Makin-Shaw

Underwriter, Product Recall

Rachel Daniels

Underwriting Assistant, Engineering & Construction and Berkley Product Recall

We are pleased to announce that our first group of colleagues have returned to our offices and we will be reuniting ourselves with the Lloyd’s Underwriting Room very soon.

September 1, 2020