Marine is one of the earliest kinds of insurance and, by the end of the seventeenth century, it was the defining practice of what is now Lloyd’s. Today, we offer a wide range of Marine insurance products providing coverage for assets worldwide and our team offers extensive market insight, combined with a proactive and dedicated approach to service. Our principal products include:

Marine Hull & Yachts – Coverage can be provided for the risks associated with owning, financing and operating vessels, including Hull and Machinery + Construction + Mortgagees Interest + Port Property + Yacht Insurance.

Cargo & Specie – Insurance products for a diverse range of clients including large corporations and commercial customers, and for cargoes and commodities of every description. Our core products include Global Transit Policies + Project Cargo and Marine Delay in Start-up + Satellite Pre-Launch + Stock Throughput Policies + Excess Stock Policies + Binding Authorities and Facilities on a Coinsurance Basis.

Marine & Energy Liability – Coverage for marine and energy related liabilities, including Protection and Indemnity + Ports and Terminals + Charterers + Shipyard Liability + Third-Party Liabilities + Stand-Alone Energy Liabilities.

Marine War – Insurance products providing cover for physical damage and associated interests for the shipping industry worldwide.


Please find us at the following box location:

1st Gallery – Box 190 Marine