Product Recall

We are uniquely qualified to deliver global protection and technical assistance to help clients prevent, manage and recover from loss before, during and after Product Recall and Contamination events. We offer two broad insurance products that can be tailored to fit our clients’ and brokers’ specific needs. Our Contaminated Product Insurance line is aimed at manufacturers, processors and retailers in the Food Supply, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic sectors. We offer both First-party and Third-party coverage, protecting against Contaminated or Maliciously Tampered product issues.

The Product Recall Insurance line is aimed at Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers of Food Ingredients, Component Parts or Finished Goods in the Consumer, Medical and Industrial sectors. Our London based Lloyd’s underwriting team work alongside our U.S. sister companies giving us a unique perspective of the market.

Our global relationships, underwriting knowledge, experienced claims support and world-class consulting services mean clients have confidence in our ability to understand the implications of a recall, and can help manage the threats to their brand reputation and financial stability.

Please find us at the following box location:

1st Gallery – Box 190C Crisis Management