Political Risk & Trade Credit

An experienced and well regarded name in the market, our Political Risk team is focused on supporting cross-border investments and trade, with a strong focus on emerging market risk.

Our Political Risk products protect against the loss of an asset or investment through a government act including Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation and Deprivation, as well as ancillary covers such as Political Violence, Currency Inconvertibility and Exchange Transfer.

On the payment side, our Contract Frustration product protects investors from the risk of non-payment or non-delivery by a sovereign or sub-sovereign counterparty, whilst Trade Credit protects trade-related payment or delivery obligations from private obligors.

We provide insurance solutions for banks and traders in the oil and gas, soft and hard commodities markets, alongside a broader client focus working with multi-nationals and lenders on project finance.

Please find us at the following box location:

1st Gallery – Box 190C Crisis Management


Sundeep Daddar

Head of Crisis Management

Christian Hanna

Class Underwriter, Political Risk

Matthew Brooke

Underwriter, Political Risk and Political Violence

Sam Harris

Underwriting Assistant, PR & PV
Crisis Management Products

We are pleased to announce that our first group of colleagues have returned to our offices and we will be reuniting ourselves with the Lloyd’s Underwriting Room very soon.

September 1, 2020