Alastair Blades

Chief Underwriting Officer

Alec Willsher

MI Team Manager

Alisha Bartlett

Delegated Underwriting Executive

Amy Faulkner

Underwriting Assistant, Property

Anders Rolfsen

Chief Actuary

Andrew Mitchell

Chief Claims Officer

Annabel Knight

Underwriting Assistant, Professional Indemnity

Ayesha Francis

Underwriting Assistant, Cyber and Design & Construction Professional Liability

Bianca Foley

Underwriting Assistant, D&O

Bobby Hacker

Delegated Underwriting Technician

Brendan Carberry

Manager, Specialty Casualty

Charles Perry

Senior Underwriter, Cyber

Christian Hanna

Class Underwriter, Political Risk

Christopher Thompson

Underwriter, Contingency

Daniel Black

Senior Underwriter, Commercial Property

Daniel Cambage

Claims Management Practice Lead

Daniel Trenkel

Claims Management Practice Lead

David Brosnan

Chief Executive Officer

David Chalk

Head of Engineering & Construction

David Roche

Senior Claims Counsel

Debbie Cudbill

Head of Corporate Governance

Dermot Mullins

Chief Risk Officer, Risk Management Function

Dominique Fort

Claims Adjuster

Gary Mountford

Head of Property Programmes

George Rendall

Head of Exposure Management

Grant McManus

Senior Underwriter, Financial Lines

Hannah Mosley

Claims Adjuster

Heather Marino

Underwriting Manager, Financial Lines

Helen Axon

Senior Claims Adjuster

Ian Gautier

Head of Syndicate Operations

Jacqui Grinberg

Head of Strategic Claims Management and Performance

Jacqui Hedges

Executive Director

James Gill

Underwriting Manager, Financial Lines

Janie Hatzer

Underwriter, Contingency

Jennifer Lane

Underwriting Assistant, Medical Malpractice

Joanne Rasho

Underwriting Operations Manager

Joe Gilling

Senior Claims Operations Analyst

John Leppard

Head of Technical Services

Jon Stansfield

Head of Capital

Katie O’Toole

Underwriter, Property Programmes

Laurence Woodford

Senior Underwriter, Engineering & Construction

Lee Niblett

Senior Underwriter, Global Product Recall

Mallika Natarajan

Head of Pricing

Matt Jackson

Senior Claims Adjuster

Matthew Brooke

Underwriter, Political Risk & Political Violence

May Ahmed

Claims Solicitor

Michael Bennett

Director of Finance

Miriam Goddard

Director of Underwriting

Mollie Sarna

Underwriting Assistant, Berkley Professional

Monika Gladysz

Underwriter, Professional Indemnity

Natasha Grasso

Compliance Manager

Nicholas Conway

Senior International Medical Malpractice Underwriter

Nick Cox

Underwriting Manager, Professional Indemnity

Nick Judson

Underwriter, Medical Malpractice

Nicole Pluck

Underwriting Controls Analyst

Olly Durell

Senior Underwriter, Commercial Property

Paddy Sardeson

Assistant Underwriter, Property Programmes

Patrick Ruffell

Underwriter, Professional Indemnity

Paul Whitehead

Senior Project Manager

Penny Brady

Senior Underwriter, Medical Malpractice

Peter Clarke

Senior Underwriter, Design & Construction Professional Liability

Philip Farrell

Senior Wordings & Technical Counsel

Philip Welsh

Claims Adjuster

Rachel Daniels

Underwriting Assistant, Engineering & Construction and Berkley Product Recall

Rahsaan Nurullah

Executive Underwriter, Design & Construction Professional Liability

Richard Ogoe

Senior Underwriter, Engineering & Construction

Sadie Gowar

Underwriter, Political Violence

Sam Fergusson

Underwriter, Property

Sam Harris


Sarah Makin-Shaw

Underwriter, Product Recall

Sarah Reeve

Senior Underwriter, Commercial Property

Steve Luck

Head of Underwriting Management

Sundeep Daddar

Head of Crisis Management

Tilly Milnes

Claims Adjuster

Tom Harvey-Brown

Underwriter, Financial Lines

Victoria Howell

Delegated Underwriting Manager

Zuzana Stokes

Claims Adjuster
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We use cookies on our website to improve a users experience. Cookies allow us to remember you and analyse how you use our website. To accept all cookies click, "Accept All" alternatively you can change your settings by clicking "Cookie Settings".
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