Customers facing financial difficulty
W/R/B Underwriting understands what a difficult period this is for everyone. If any of our clients are experiencing financial difficulties and are having trouble in paying their premium, we encourage them to contact their broker or intermediary.

We are committed to work closely with our brokers and clients on a case by case basis and offer support where we can during this challenging time.

The FCAs ‘test case’ on Business Interruption Insurance
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is seeking legal clarity in relation to Business Interruption (BI) insurance to resolve some of the uncertainty around who and what is covered, or not, for losses resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The test case seeks to resolve issues of coverage in relation to ‘disease’ and ‘denial of access’ clauses (including any relevant exclusions); and causation.

A total of 17 wordings from 16 insurers are being taken forward to the test case. A full list can be found on the FCA website along with a detailed summary of the clauses, definitions and exclusions that are being reviewed.

The court hearing is currently set to take place from the 20th July 2020. WRB Underwriting will continue to closely monitor the progress and updates from the FCA and the courts, and keep any potentially affected policyholders up to date with material changes as the case progresses.

If you have any queries in relation to the test case, in the first instance please contact your broker or intermediary as detailed within your policy wording. More detailed information can be found on the FCA website.