Operating in Lloyd’s places us in the international market of choice for insurance and reinsurance buyers. As such, we bring together an outstanding concentration of specialist expertise and talent, backed by excellent financial security. That means access to specialist business through a unique broker network with the benefit of international licences covering 80 territories throughout the world and the additional reassurance to policyholders through its consistently strong security ratings.

The Lloyd’s capital structure provides excellent financial security to policyholders and our underwriting activities are supported by capital from W. R. Berkley Corporation, through its Corporate Member at Lloyd’s.


Please find us at the following box locations:

1st  Gallery – Box 190 Marine and Political Risk & Violence

2nd Gallery – Box 209 Engineering + Construction, Property, Asset Protection and Contingency

3rd Gallery – Box 362 – Berkley business, Box 363 – Aviation, Box 367 – Accident + Health

4th Gallery – Box 418 Speciality Casualty